Manifacture of PVC goods

Our company produces high quality book bindings (coverings) for textbooks, notebooks, teacher diaries from crystal PVC film with thickness 0.100 and 0.120 microns.

And also produces custom products of PVC in special request from the client. We have enough production facilities, which allows us to respond promptly and for performance of small and large orders.

In tabular variant please see the main types of book bindings (coverings):

Type of book binding (covering) Size in cm.
Small format notebook 21,7 х 31
Small format textbook / Small format workbook 25 х 35,2
ABC Book 26 х 43
ABC Book (+1 format) 27,2 х 43
Large format notebook (А4) 29,5 х 43
Large format notebook (А4+) 29,7 х 44
Extra Large format notebook 31 х 45,7
Pocket book by standard
ID card by standard
Teacher’s diary by standard
Music Notebook 15,9 х 46,5